Who is ariane from love and hip hop dating

Since the show began airing, she has released three albums through Atlantic Records and starred in her own spin-off K. Despite being credited as a main cast member, she appears infrequently in the fifth season. These supporting cast members appear in green screen confessional interview segments and (for the most part) have the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show's main cast members. Scrappy, real name Darryl Kevin Richardson II, is a rapper and self-professed "Prince of the South", best known for his hit single "Money In The Bank".The series chronicles his love life, including his on-again, off-again relationships with Erica and Bambi.Their allegedly leaked, highly publicised sex tape, distributed by Vivid Entertainment, becomes the main focus of the third and fourth seasons.


She has a reputation on the show for being "messy" Her rivalry with K.A Grammy Award-winning record producer, singer and songwriter.



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    He called his cousin a responsible gun owner who has had a weapon for several years and never left it lying around.

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