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“From what I’ve observed, the artists that are the most versatile are the ones that last the longest.

The ones who are stubborn about evolution and whine and complain about what music should be are the ones who tend to get left behind.

“You put a lot into what you do and when you’re fortunate enough to achieve as much as I have, and have fans support you, it’s a wonderful thing.

“You hope that it’s not a façade,” laughs the rapper, born Cornell Haynes.



I really don’t give a s*** about the fame as long as I’m able to continue doing what I’m doing.” First aired last year, Nellyville chronicles the rapper’s life as a single father, as he juggles his career with raising his four children and maintaining a relationship with girlfriend, Shantel Jackson.“I don’t know if it shows a softer side,” he laughs “But it definitely shows a different side.



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