Who is paul dano dating

In 2011, he had a supporting role in the big-budget science fiction film Cowboys and Aliens.

Dano appeared in three feature films in 2012: Ruby Sparks, as a writer whose fictional character (played by Zoe Kazan, the film's writer and Dano's girlfriend) inexplicably appears as a real person; time-travel thriller Looper, in a supporting role with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis; and with Robert De Niro in Being Flynn as the film's writer Nick Flynn, about his relationship with his father.

He has won some great awards such as Broadcast Film Critics Assciation Awards in 2007 for the nomination of Best Young Actor for Little Miss Sunshine and Chlotrudis Awards in 2008, for Best Supporting actor for There will Be Blood.

Dano’s girlfriend has worked in “It's Complicated”, “New Girl’s”, “The Pretty One” and on HBO's Bored to Death.

There were many rumors about his wedding with Kazan. He has been dating actor and Ruby Sparks co-star Paul Dano since 2007.

When compared their heights, Dano is recognizably taller than Kazan.

So, both of them are good for each other to be a partner.



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