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Men are taller because of hormonal influences, to be sure.

This then becomes translated into social attitudes.

but they had other issues I just couldn’t get past.

For some of my friends, things like having a child or certain types of jobs are Dating Deal Breakers, while those things wouldn’t bother me so much.

They were also curious to learn how and why people are satisfied with their own height.



But over the weekend I was having some girl talk and I realized that while my list of “he must be’s” is pretty short… In Dating Deal Breakers: Teeth, I wrote about one of my worst dates, when I noticed that the guy I’d met online had teeth missing on the whole left side of his mouth (When I guy only has closed mouth smiles on his dating profile, BEWARE!For women, the biggest deal-breakers are dating someone shorter than them (33%), while a similar number would never date someone younger (34%).Surprisingly, despite the perception that men are interested in dating an older woman, three in 10 men (30%) rule out dating women older than them.Start a new career with our job exchange, buy a car in the used cars category, or find a new home in the real estate classifieds.


The Personals, Pets, Community, Buy & Sell, and Services categories may also hold an offer that you probably can't resist.Yet, most singles (75%) admit they avoid dating people that don’t fit all of their pre-set criteria, meaning that an estimated 9 million singles may be dismissing the right person for them.



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