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Other times, she is motivated either to cover her own tracks or for protecting her...

It’s all too easy to just say all the right things that she wants to hear in the bedroom.



New research has shown exactly what are the likes, dislikes and aspirations of a generation of women, offering you the ability to tailor a perfect evening for each one of them. Miss Uncomplicated Give her an event date with a difference.Sometimes its just the tiniest thing that will make a lasting impression on a woman.A nice comment or a few small gestures will impress any woman, but an offensive remark or being careless will ruin your chances of success.But, there’s also some comments that may bring to action a halt to the carnal proceedings and make women put their pants on lightning-fast.

It may be a first time hook up or even a longer term relationship, what follows below are 7 things you...

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